Airplane Captain Threatens To Land Plane And Have Passenger Arrested Over Water Bottle

I was not contacted by Delta over the video. I did send them a message right after it happened; saying that I had a video and would like for them to deal with it before I release it to the public. They said the inquiry was closed because they already compensated me for the delay with the 10,000 miles (worth $100). In my opinion, the delay and the mistreatment from the staff was separate.
Information about the compensation for the delay: I was compensated 10,000 miles ($100 basically) by Delta for the over three hour delay that left us stuck in the plane, at the terminal, without water in the sinks and fuel in the jet. The plane was also not properly cooled (A/C) so people were hot, which brought up the necessity for water that much more.
The real story here was that two passengers required medical assistance on the flight- for fluid related issues (specifically lack there of). Myself (an EMT), a Dr. and a nurse happened to be on board and rendered assistance. The first man ended up not needing further medical care but the second one required paramedics and an ambulance to meet him upon arrival. While neither person had the argument with the staff about water that I did, they both suffered from medical conditions exacerbated by the fact they did not have nearly enough water (and food actually). By the end of the flight, I was told, they had run out of all snacks (in part because of the three plus hour delay, I assume).