Beautiful Girl Hit In The Head With A STILETTO HEEL During FlGHT . . . And It Leaves A HOLE IN HER HEAD!

April 4, 2017 15081 Indian Viral Clips

A girl named Desiree has gone viral on social media. You see Desiree was BRUTALLY ATTACKED on Saturday night – as she celebrated her 24th birthday at a local nightcbub. Desiree allowed a couple of ‘HATERS” into her group, who went with her to the club. During the night, Desiree got drunk – and one of the haters TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION. Desiree was beaten, and during the fight – the girl hit her in the forehead with a STILETTO HEEL – leaving a hole in her head. (Looks Like A BULLET HOLE) PICS+VIDEOS

Desiree went to the hospital and is recovering from her injuries. She is expected to have PERMANENT scars on her face.