Colombian Farmer Speeds Past An Ironman Triathlete Without Breaking A Sweat!


Two professional triathletes who are trying to bike across South America in record time recently got smoked on a steep uphill climb by a Colombian campesino who peddles past them on a single-speed bike while wearing jeans, carrying a heavy sack of food, and apparently not even breathing hard. The old man, identified only as Luis, doesn’t even stand to pedal on his beaten-up city bike as he shoots past marathon bikers Axel Carrion and Andreas Fabricius during a lung-burning climb in the Andes mountains. The European bikers try to catch up to the Colombian man on their fancy race bikes, but fall back as Luis lengthens the distance between them. “Andreas is getting ridiculed right now,” huffs bikemate Carrion, who is filming the scene from behind. “We are in pain here,” he jokes.

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