Drunk Man In Hospital With Two Fish Up His Arse

April 10, 2017 10196

Viral Clips

A man was admitted to hospital after one fish started to swim up his intestines. Doctors were forced to operate to save his life after he complained of stomach pains. He didn’t tell the doctors at first what the issue could have been caused by. But X-rays soon found him out.

Apparently, Huanqiu, the patient confessed he had decided to put two pond loaches up his anus after a heavy bender the day before.The doctors discovered the two fish, four and six inches in length, had broken through the wall of his bowel.

His symptoms included high fever, low blood pressure and was close to septic shock from infection.

The doctors explained that he could have died: “He could have lost his life if this loach swam further and reached upper organs,” one doctor said.

Plus it’s bloody rank, and animal abuse. But, and this is a surprise, the pair of fish actually survived. More on that later. On a side track, and talking of arses… I’m just wondering if having the fish removed was as painful as the man who was subject to Dr Pimple Popper’s ways. Pond loaches are clever animals who can keep themselves alive for long periods in poor water – or no water at all.

They store oxygen in their gut to survive on, as well as producing a layer of mucus to stop themselves drying out. The gent in question is now expected to make a full recovery.