Drunk Uber Shares Weed and Demands Tip After Going Off On Passengers

April 29, 2017 19487

The asked the Uber driver: “You been drinking??” Normally you would expect the driver to quickly say no. NOT TODAY!

“Yeah!” Grabs bottle of booze. This girl is just a DUI waiting to happen… Or in her words: DDF – Drinking, Driving, Fun.

Update: A lot of people are saying this video is 100% fake because: “I cant see a cell phone navigation up. Thats normal UBER stuff. You don’t just drive according to the passengers directions. You follow the phone yo.”

Yeah, she doesn’t have the nav in the middle but I was in an Uber last weekend and the Chevy Cruze driver had the phone mounted on the left of her steering wheel. Also, no tags, no faces, no “follow me on Instagram”? Why make the viral video and fake it for no love?!