Dude Goes On Tinder Rant After Girl Took To Long To Text Back

March 3, 2017 8826


This guy just went off on a girl he met off Tinder for not hitting him back fast enough. Now the internet is on a mission to blow his shit up.

This guy Nick seems like a substantial piece of shit, there’s no reason to spaz out on a chick A) because she’s not replying fast enough or doing what you want her to do or B) dropping insults on her when you don’t know her. What goes around comes around with situations like that and it’s very easy to get a bad rep that’s hard to dig out of.

I always say, if you have skeletons in your closet don’t do shit that can get you put on blast by the internet police.

He matched with her and went 0-100 real quick. REAL QUICK!

Any time you have to announce your 6 foot 2 height — chances are YOU ARE A MONSTER TOOL!