Farmer Guns Down Massive Boars From Helicopter

November 7, 2016 22466



A farmer got revenge on the boars that brutally attacked the family dog that was trying to protect them.

A heard of boars rushed this farmers property and their dog tried its best to battle them until they left. The boars took a massive chunk out of the poor dogs side but he held its ground and his owner took matters into his own hands and hunted the boars down.

The only way to catch up with them was in a helicopter. They shot them down and posted the video to Facebook. Naturally that pissed off half the internet…

On one hand, you have a bunch of people telling the guy who should not have hunted down the wild boars that attacked them. Telling him to delete the video or they will have “hell to pay”.

The other set of people agreed with the farmer who took down the wild boars that attacked the dog who was protecting not only the farm but the farmers family.