Father Embarrassed After Seeing 2 Year-Old Wearing His D*ck Ring As A Watch

April 10, 2017 22729

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There’s always that moment before friends or family come around that you have to make sure there are no clues that you and your partner have sex. Imagine the horror if a dildo was poking out of a draw or the lube has been left on the floor and your granny found it.

Ben Lauder has suffered that blind panic.

He had just finished work when his girlfriend, Amy-Jade Barlow, sent him a text message that read “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!”

The 20-year-old must have instantly racked his brain to think of every conceivable mistake he’d made.

His 18-year-old girlfriend soon provided the answer to his question: “what?”

She asked him: “Did you leave that co*k ring on the bedside table last night?”

“Oh f*ck, I think I did, why?” was the response from young Ben.

Amy-Jade then proceeded to send him a picture of her two-year-old wearing her new ‘pink watch’…

Yes, that new watch was the sextoy that the young business apprentice had left on the bedside table after a night of passion.

Ben, said: “Basically, we had used the co*k ring the night before, and I was knackered.

“It was quite late and we had work the next morning so I just put it on the bedside table. In the morning we were rushing around getting ready and I forgot about it.

“Amy-Jade’s daughter had been running around with it on her wrist like a watch. I was embarrassed.”