Freshmen Caught On Snapchat Passed Out Covered In Her Own Poop

I will give everyone who clicked this post two poop warnings. Here is the first one — when you see this girl covered in her own shit you may get upset or offended you have been warned!

There are so many questions with one picture. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Why does this girl who seems small seem to be covered in that much shit! Why did her friend post it on Snapchat?

If you look closely, you will see that her thong actually split the turd in twain like the blade of a samurai.

I didn’t think that much could come out of her. HOLY SHIT! Sorry for the pun.

The original poster finally answered a lot of the questions everyone seemed to have: She was sitting on the toilet mid shit, and drunkenly fell forward hitting her head. However, she did not stop shitting while she laid on the floor. This is how her friends found her… toilet paper in hand and allthis

This was posted by her “Best friend” on her snapchat story.