Full Video: Father and Son Shot Man Dead in Argument Over Mattress

September 21, 2018 21991

Kara Box fought back tears Thursday as she recalled the morning her common-law husband was shot to death in a dispute over a twin mattress in a dumpster.

“I stepped in between Aaron and John (Miller), then my ears started ringing from the gunshots,” Box said in a telephone interview from her home in Abilene as she sobbed. “I just screamed and screamed.”

Box talked about the fatal shooting just hours after releasing a video of the dispute between her husband, 37-year-old Aaron Howard, and his neighbors, John Miller, 67, and his son, Michael Miller, 31.

The 2-minute video captures the anger between the Millers and Howard on the morning of Sept. 1 in an Abilene neighborhood. Abilene is about 150 miles west of Fort Worth.

Box captured the tragic scene on her cellphone as she sought to gather evidence for Abilene police.