Girl Body Slammed After Kicking Guy In The Nuts


  • Hurryupenbye

    I bet she won’t ever do that again

  • ThomasER916

    “Don’t ever hit a girl!”

    Bitches need to keep their hands to themselves.

  • Rosa E. Cardenas

    Ummm, the bitch is in his property wanting him to apologize for words, then she tries putting her hands on him sounding like she is going to cause damage but of course gets dropped. Then it’s his fault? So is he sapposed to let her talk shit until she feels like it? Fuck that, he told her to leave his property and she kept trying to pick a fight.

  • trvlman

    Nobody asked him if he was okay.

  • Emanon

    Yes, it’s his fault. If he asked her to leave then she’s on his property without his consent. Call the cops & let them handle it & also file charges for her attacking him. HE wasn’t hurt & could have had her removed & had charges filed against her. Instead, he slammed her to the driveway & she ended up going into convulsions before the video ended. Now SHE has grounds for charges, if not a lawsuit.