Girl Brags About Boyfriend Trading Coke For Tattoos

April 25, 2017 12592

Viral Clips

This is true love. I don’t care what the internet has to say about her and her boyfriend! Sometimes the stuff that goes viral is nice. Sometimes it is making fun of the “trashy couple” who are trading lines of coke for free tattoos. Today was the trashy day. Meet Lil Guts.

She is a Snapchat Cam Girl (which I just learned about through some intense research…)

Today Lil Guts posted a tweet about her boyfriend’s new ink and was meet with a mix of nice & brutal comments like:

Well the tattooer was nice enough to throw in Hepatitis C for free!

Coke is easy to bring into a prison and hide. A makeshift tattoo machine however..

Marry her. You aren’t gonna find anyone else willing to put up with your shit like that

She liked the attention and said, “this is oddly flattering”

Someone on the subreddit made a good point about the whole situation: I know nothing about the prison currency exchange rate but it seems like her boyfriend got a raw deal here judging by the amount of tattoos that come out of jail and the probable lack of coke in jail.