Girl Nicknamed She-Wolf of Wall Street Snitches On Herself After $144m Scam

December 19, 2016 10227

When you hear of someone running a scam worth over 100 milli you would think the criminal is bright, right? WRONG! This girl exposed herself!

Russian student nicknamed the She-Wolf of Wall Street is arrested for $144m tax scam after police spot her glamorous social media photos. AKA she shouldn’t have been showing off all the luxury! Dead giveaway!

Anastasia Tsirenschikova, 22, was one of five people arrested for allegedly moving nine billion rubles – into overseas tax havens from Russia.

Tsirenschikova, a second suspect called Gomma, a Panamanian man named as Ortis A, 25, and two other businessmen, 29 and 47, whose names have not been disclosed, allegedly helped thousands of businessmen illegally shift funds overseas.

They reportedly charged 2.5 percent in commission for their services which would have netted them an estimated 225million Rubles.

The money was moved through a number of accounts in an attempt to throw the Russian financial authorities off the scent before the huge pot ended up offshore.