Girl Promises To ‘Suck Boyfriends D*ck’ If He Writes Persuasive Essay On Why She Should

December 29, 2016 17823


I am surprised this isn’t a story about a teacher and student again. With how crazy 2016 was for teachers, this type of essay is probably happening at school.

This girl wanted to know the reasons why she should have to suck on a weenie. It needed to be persuasive and MLA format.

He delivered! It is a pretty strong essay! I would have gave him an A. Not a blow job though…

We don’t know as of know if she gave in to the essay. All she wrote about the situation is “FOR THOSE WONDERING: we have been dating for a year. Yes, I do plan on marrying him. No, I didn’t really expect him to write the essay. LOL”