Kim Kardashian Busted Out The Bikini And Her Famous Ass Has Finally Deflated

April 25, 2017 12963

Viral Clips

The internet is a tale of two evils. You have the side who needs to act like they like someone to get the “fans” of that person interested in clicking on a link.

Today I witnessed this first hand and want to share both sides and my experience. I saw these pictures below around noon. I didn’t get around to writing an article about them because Kardashian stories normally get shredded in the comments. Yes, we read those and do take note when people are tired of something. Ex: Have you seen a “cash me outside post” in awhile?

The first evil on the internet is the people who need Kim to look good. For the clicks: Take E! and People for example, who own just a few shares in the Kardashian clan. Their BREAKING NEWS article reads:

The problem with this coverage… THEY DIDN’T COMMENT ON THE PICS THAT WERE BLOWING UP ON THE INTERNET! The people need to see them. The real pics!

Yesterday Kim Kardashian was photod on the beach in Mexico. And the pics were . . . how can we say thins . . . NOT flattering.