Man PULLS GUN And Chases Down Woman For Keys To Her Car!


  • Melissa Puckett

    Baltimore has the fifth
    highest big city murder rate in the country. The four cities ahead of it are
    Detroit, New Orleans, Newark and St. Louis. CHICAGO
    — Murders in the nation’s third-largest city are up about 72%, while shootings
    have surged more than 88% in the first three months of 2016 compared
    with the same period last year, according to data released Friday by the
    Chicago Police Department. There
    are many more places in America, look it up, and all these cities have
    something in common, not racism, but race. The killers are black. The murder
    rate in Baltimore stood at 37.4 to 100,000 people. Since President John F.
    Kennedy was assassinated in late 1963, more Americans have been killed by
    gunfire in this country than died in all U.S. wars. Not because of guns, but
    from black people. I believe it is safe to say it is the majority, and blacks
    need to stop blaming whites for everything the black race has become. You can
    look anywhere they are in the world, if their number are above 15 or 20%,
    Violence follows.