Mia Khalifa Calls Out Meek Mill & Sixers Only To Get Destroyed By Joel Embiid

What has Mia been up to lately? After quitting the porn game she has moved into the sports world. She has a podcast and is probably the most slept with super fan in the game.

She also still rocks some old pics for her followers:

Most recently, she tried to call out Meek Mill (who does have the most L’s in the world right now) and 3 Sixer players. Ben Simmons this years #1 Pick, Nerlens Noel who was also a top 5 pick and Joel Embiid — one of the most SAVAGE NBA players on social media.

You can call out Meek but tread lightly with Joel!

Check out the comment above from Joel…. MURDEREDDDDD!

Mia who is also a troll took this L with respect: