Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Down Customer Who Then Blackmails Her For Her Nudes

January 26, 2017 9221


This is one creepy pizza fan. I think the word creepy scumbag fits nicely when describing someone taking an ass pic of his pizza delivery driver and later threatening to post it.

She wrote this message and shared her story on Imgur:

Okay, I realize that this makes me look bad but hear me out – he took a picture of my ass when I was leaning in my car to get his pizza and I was still pretty pissed about it. This was an “unprofessional” response and I would like to clarify I would never have said any of this to a customer while working, but when you sexually harass an employee and then text them outside of work (he got my number because he wasn’t at home when I tried to deliver his pizza and had to call him), the employee no longer has any obligation to treat you as a customer.

THIS IS NOT THE DRIVER – THE DRIVER IS A GIRL. This is probably from a porno. I don’t want people mad at me. Again, this is not the girl’s nudes.

Here are the texts: