Poker Pro “Exposes” The Truth About Dan Bilzerian’s Poker Ability

January 21, 2017 6596


Before any of you go to the comments and say I am hating on Dan B because I am jealous — I AM NOT. 1. I did not make the video 2. I already know I would whoop his a$$ in poker and 3. If I was him, and already had all this money, fame, and hot girls all over the place… I would just retire from poker all together and leave my ability in the past.

Now that we got that out of the way, a poker player has called out former pro-poker player turned Dan Bilzerian as a fraud.

Yes this Dan:

My team said to post more conservative things so we can get big money from brands, but fuck that, imma just keep livin

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He wrote” Dan Bilzerian is infamous for projecting a lavish lifestyle to the world, with photos of scantily clad women, guns, stacks of cash, and exotic locales. He has always claimed that this lifestyle is afforded by his poker career. Doug examines this claim by observing some high stakes poker hands that Dan recently played on Twitch. How good is “the King of Instagram” at poker, really?”

Here is the video. You be the judge.