Pornstar Released From Jail Starts GoFundMe For “Fresh Start” Because She Can’t Get A Job

December 22, 2016 17063 Views

Let me hit you with a spoiler alert early: The GoFundMe didn’t reach her 10k goal so she is back to sucking Ds on camera, kinda!

Pornstar Teanna Trump recently started a GoFundMe page promptly after being released from jail. She was imprisoned for 180 days on drug charges and claims she started the fundraiser to help her get back on her feet.

If you aren’t familiar with Teanna Trump let me give you a quick recap of her with 3 easy pics:
She went into prison:

Looks like this:

And got out after 180 days:

She was having some trouble getting back on her feet mainly because the Oklahoma government has strict laws in place against filming adult films in their state. Per her probation, Teanna can’t return to her home state of California just yet, so she’s out of a job.

The Internet reacted exactly how you would expect, her loyal fans and fellow industry workers donated money, and the haters HATED. GoFundMe shut the account down but Teanna realized the new power of social media. Now she is promising to “spoil back” exclusively to her donors via social media. Snapchat porn is allowed and she is shooting it!

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