The Semen Skincare Facial


Her semen facial videos have millions of views, and off the back of that fame she’s become somewhat of a spokesperson for cum – telling me that she’s actually contractually unable to speak about some of her other semen-based beauty tips because of embargoes imposed by other publications.

Tracy Kiss: It was when my beautician told me. I was going to have an acid peel, because I have rosacea, which means that my skin is often dry and hot and I can look pretty aged. She told me it was just a way to rehydrate and make it feel a lot calmer. And when I tried it for the first time, I immediately knew it works for me. I can’t sing the praises of it highly enough.

Who was generous enough to give you the semen?
Because I’m single, I didn’t have a partner I could use. I guess, traditionally – if that’s the right word to use – people in relationships would see it as a sexual thing, because of how it’s produced. But I look at it just as a beauty thing, I’m not there while it’s being made. My friend just brings it round in a container, like a little takeaway tub, and I put it on my face. There’s nothing seedy about it.