Student Gets Arrested After Posting “Dark” School Shooting Meme

This is more proof that you need to watch how dank your memes are. You can get arrested if you cross certain lines.

Don’t believe me? Check out the story this kid shared on Reddit:

Like many posts this did not happen today, but roughly seven months ago. This is the first time I can talk about it for reasons you will find out.
Let’s start here, I was coming home from a college tour (17 at the time) and decided to go on Twitter and post this edgy-ass meme, accompanied by the caption “Me when I come home from school.”

This sort of dark humor was not out of the ordinary for me, and was something that made me stick out from the bunch amidst my peers. I sat at work later that night and pondered deleting the post, but I just thought Nah, no one is gonna get all bent out of shape over this. I wasn’t even at school today!
But boy was I wrong, while driving home from work and passing my high school, I watched two cars from the local police pull out from the school lot and I ended up following them all the way to my house. I nearly shit myself when I saw their turn signals come on before my driveway. Once I get out of the car they informed me someone had contacted the school over my Tweet, and was genuinely concerned with my intentions. I immediately retort that it was only a horrible attempt at dark humor, and quickly deleted the post. They then asked to search my bedroom and car to make sure I had no weapons, which I let them do because I could understand their concern and probably cause seemed real enough. They obviously found nothing and were out of my house in minutes. They then contacted my principle and I was told to not go to school on time next day, but to come at 9 o clock and go immediately to the office.
This is where my bad decisions start up again. As soon as I pull in I can tell they had extra officers at the school, meaning they really presumed I was some threat. My parents and I went into the office and my principal informed me I was suspended for the rest of the year, as only 8 days were left, and would have to appear for an expulsion hearing.
I became nearly hysterical, as I am a relatively prominent student and had never had any major disciplinary action brought down upon me, and all of this over a fucking meme? There was no way this was happening to me.
After this the principal informs me that the police would come in and ask me a “couple of questions” Moments later a detective walks in with another officer, and I am told, “This is a pretty serious situation and there is not much else we can do. So I will ask you to please stand up,” and that was when I was put in handcuffs and walked out of the school; the township charged me for terroristic threats and some form of disturbing the peace.
I was immediately put on house arrest with electronic monitoring, I was not allowed to leave the house for almost a month. This month was a real shock for me, and I spent most of it solemnly and feeling totally drained. Fast forward a bit and I’m given a curfew, I start working again, but other than that not a word to the outside world or any of my peers from school. By the time of my hearing July 7th I had lawyered up, and already had walked out of my expulsion hearing with a win. With my clean record and model behavior, Juvenile Probation offered me a consent decree. This meant that all I had to do was serve a 6 month probation, do 25 hours of community service, pay my court fees, and stay clean to have all of this wiped away. We went this route and I had that damned bracelet cut from my ankle that very day, I had now regained some fraction of my freedom, freedom I had lost over a stupid meme.
Six months go by of good behavior (I had a pretty chill PO who I only had to see once a month) and I receive my letter in the mail officially terminating my service. It has been a long, dreadful seven months of my life that I am happy to have behind me. But I really do believe I have become a much better person in the mean time, and have no major regrets looking back. It is still ridiculous seeing how much can happen when you upset the wrong person.
TLDR: Tweeted a dumb meme that made people think I was gonna shoot up my school. Got arrested and spent six months on probation.