Woman Rejects a Tinder Date And Goes Crazy At Him

April 10, 2017 19839

Viral Clips

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially in the weird world of dating apps. You never know who you’re going to meet and if the picture on the app – as well as the one you create in your mind after chatting online with them – is going to match up with reality.

Rejection is always tough to take. But this girl took it way too personally – even after she was the one to reject the guy first! I mean – that makes sense?!

It turns out that politeness doesn’t always pay. She said she wasn’t into it and he said he wasn’t either. And you would think that was that. But no, she went MENTAL.

She clearly wants to be the rejecter rather than the reject-ee and comes across as really angry, aggressive and incredibly petty. And it only gets worse. She starts attacking his appearance. She calls him bald and says he walks like an old man – and she calls him “a little bitch”.

He explains that he carried a patient down the stairs and hurt his ankle – sounds like a nice guy. Maybe even a bit of a hero. And points out she’s 100lbs heavier than her photo implied. He then brings up her rude behaviour on the date. She barely talked, turned up late and was on her phone the whole time.

That’s pretty bad date behaviour, even if you don’t like the person there’s no need to be so rude.

Poor guy. He sounds pretty nice, to be honest!