Woman Ties Up Her Dog and Uses a Blowtorch to Burn It to Death! (Warning 18+)


  • Matridium

    I want to do that to her

  • Tim Hoffman

    Release her name and address and the problem with be eradicated. Piece of shit

  • Rosa E. Cardenas

    Piece of fucken shit! When your ass get tortured, your going to feel the whole fucken thing, unlike this dog, I feel like God had mercy on his Soul and left that dog body without a soul so he wouldn’t feel the pain, maybe just the first second but then he was gone and just a puppet was left for her to feel like she was doing something. She will still have to pay as if she tortured the dog the whole time though ?

  • Jason Jordan

    That pussy is probably out of this world. That being said, Id like to see her attacked by a pack of dogs.